Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Every year John gets a little more excited about Halloween.  The neighbors around here really get into decorating their houses for the spooky season.  John is very upset that we don't do this.  It honestly isn't even a "we don't celebrate Halloween" thing as much as it is an "I don't want to buy decorations, put them up, take them down and store them" thing.  John decided to make his own decorations.

This was the extent of our Halloween decor.  Oh, and there is nothing like a picture to show you that you really need to clean your front door.

 We also had Jack-O-lanterns.

 John-Woody, Anders-Super Why, Gus-Buzz Lightyear

 John decided that Anders should show off his Why-Writer.

 Anders is thinking about what just happened and deciding how he will react.

The Why-Writer becomes an excellent weapon.  The boys have learned to steer clear of Anders and his Super Why gear.

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