Thursday, July 19, 2012


We had a great VBS this year.  Hans was very excited since he didn't have to plan anything.  While VBS can still be an energy sucker, Hans was over the moon that he only thing he had to do was to teach the older kids for 30 minutes and help out with music.

 We are pretty casual for VBS.  VBS is a great time to have fun, sing crazy bible songs, do crafts and learn.  

 Most churches only have VBS classes for kids from pre-k to 5th grade.  We never set an age limit either way and ended up getting a fair amount of Jr. High kids.    Hans was going to teach an adult class during VBS and quickly decided to cancel that and teach the older kids.  We had 4 kids in the older age bracket and none of them were from our church.

Our hymn of the week was "Jesus, Refuge of the Weary."  The kids learned the hymn very well and some of them even came to church on Sunday to sing the first verse for everyone during the service.

Here is our group.

 One of the days we had water games outside.  This is the youngest group and they were pretty tame with the water.

 These three boys look like trouble.

 This was the middle group.  They were very brave with the water.

 I put this one in there to show John the shorty.  His group was 1st-5th grade.  There is a lot of energy and enthusiasm crammed into that small body.  He was the most talkative of the bunch.  But Pierce, the other boy in the group, gave John a run for his money.

 Pierce thought Hans should come in and join the fun.

 That boy did not hold back.

 This sparked the whole group to take turns dumping water on Hans.

He loved every minute of it.

 The older kids didn't feel like getting wet, so they made mustaches instead.

 On another day, Debbie brought a parachute.  Those things are really fun.

 Anders thought it was the best thing ever.

 He loved VBS.  He didn't actually attend a class.  He just roamed around the building.  But he had tons of people to pay attention to him, which is good, since that's all he wants out of life.

 The kids loved making the parachute fly.

 Since Anders knows Sophie so well, he has no problems crawling in her lap.

 On the last day the older kids showed the younger kids how to say the Lord's Prayer in sign language.  I wasn't there but I heard it was great.

Just don't take Gus's word for it.  It put him to sleep.

VBS was very fun and very busy.  We all had a great time and are looking forward to next year.

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