Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pancake Breakfast

The Saturday before VBS, our church had a free pancake breakfast.  The purpose of this breakfast was to sign kids up for VBS.

 Since it was a breakfast and not too hot, we decided to have it outside.

We put Hans to work making bacon.  This was not my smartest move, as I'm sure more ended up in his mouth than on the plate.  (Editor's note: This is true.)

Debbie and Pam were prepared, as always, and brought games for the boys to play.

Anders was only pacified by the games for a short while before he started making a ruckus.

 Gus and John wanted to climb the tree outside of church.  Gus thought it was a good idea at first and didn't seem too excited once he was up there.

 It took all of his strength to manage that smile.  He is holding on to that little branch for dear life.

 John had a great time in the tree.

 Then I thought we should add Anders.  He doesn't look to happy.  But it isn't because he is scared.  It is because he wants to be up there by himself.

Ah, much better.

We had a pretty good turn out.  I think we registered 7 kids...which is 7 more than last year.  All of these kids were from the community and had never been to our church, so that was pretty exciting.  I'll have some VBS pictures in another post.

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