Sunday, July 29, 2012

RAIN- A Tribute to the Beatles

Debbie and Pam decided it was high time to take me out on the town.  I didn't put up a fight one bit.  They saw that there was a tribute to the Beatles in Chicago, so off we went for a fun evening out.

Before going to the concert we had a nice dinner at Cooper's Hawk.  If you are ever in the area of one of these restaurants, I would recommend dining there.  They even have wine tasting rooms and plenty of space for private parties.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention the pretzel bread they bring to the table.  I'm a sucker for pretzel bread.  Just don't tell me how many calories are in each of those babies.

This, sadly, is when I put my camera away and didn't get it out again.  I would have loved to grab a picture or two of the concert, but the staff was very firm and quick to tell people that pictures were not allowed.  They even had ushers running down the isles to catch those who dared to take pictures with their phones.  It was rather comical.  It was a very fun evening and I had a great time with good friends, great food and fantastic music.  If Rain is ever touring nearby, you must check it out.

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