Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Indiana Dunes

As if I wasn't spoiled enough, Debbie and Pam decided to take the boys to the dunes one day.  It was a day I didn't actually have to work.  It was fantastic...but this isn't about my day.

 Anders has no fear.  They would often find him walking towards the water without an adult.  

 Goggled up and ready to go.

 As much as he loves the water, he also loves the sand.

 He just can't get enough.  Check it out, his tongue is sticking out.

 I thought this was a great picture of Sophie diving after John.

 Time for a snack.

 Look at that beautiful smile.

 Partners in crime.

 Rolling down the dunes.  See those three little dark spots? 

 Sophie decided she wanted the boys to bury her.  That is one brave girl.

 Then it was John's turn.

 Gus decided he wanted to try, but he was a little diva and needed to lay on a towel.

And you can't leave out Anders.  Debbie said he sat here really still for a good long while after they were done.  I need to get a sandbox in my living room!

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