Friday, September 2, 2011

Food, Fun and Family

It's officially September and I'm still blogging about events that occurred in July. It was a very busy month filled with lots of picture taking opportunities.

One of the days while in New York, we all headed over to my Uncle Mark and Aunt Anne's house.  For the past few years, every time we are in town my Uncle Mark and Aunt Anne host a dinner for the whole family.  It's nice to get everyone in one place.

Fritz immediately took a liking to my Aunt Anne since she gave him a cheesy-bone.

Hans was probably making fun of Jimmy and Jimmy was giving it right back.  Hans was probably making fun of Jimmy's tall, black "old man" socks and Jimmy was probably reminding Hans that he beat him in Madden football and various other Wii games.

There was also lots of corn to shuck.  I think we had corn on the cob almost every night and I just couldn't get enough.  This is corn from a roadside stand, not the grocery store.  There is a big difference.

Then Fritz met London.  Fritz was excited to meet another dog.

For whatever reason Fritz insists on licking every dog he meets.  This will probably not end up well for him.

And even though Fritz is feisty, he always manages to get pinned by girl dogs and smaller dogs.  Man up, Fritz.
Both of my grandparents love to watch their grandchildren and great grandchildren play.  They feel lucky to be blessed with such a family and we feel lucky to have them.

The food was fantastic.

My Aunt Anne made this bean dip salsa stuff the Anders just loved.  My mom made it for John's party a few weeks later and he went crazy putting handfuls of it in his mouth.

Pool time!  I couldn't find all of my pictures but I was sure I had one with my Aunt Anne blowing this thing up also.

 I think Hans had just as much fun as all of my cousins.

John decided he liked putting his head underwater.

He had no fear.

 At some point my Aunt Anne brought out all of my cousin Ben's old Thomas trains.  All three boys were very content.

A good time was had by all.  There was lots of laughing, screaming, running, eating, swimming, playing and talking.  I look forward to this every year.

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It was a great day!