Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Grandma and Grandpa Visit

While my parents were in town for Anders' baptism they had to do all the fun things grandparents do.  They went to the park, got the boys ice cream, made cookies, read books, wrestled and got lots of hugs and kisses. 

At the park

Making cookies

I think this is everyone's favorite part.

 Gus now gets to claim the tricycle since John got a big boy bike.  John's having a hard time giving up his bike, but Gus has no problem letting John know it is his.

Playing baseball.  John's learning how to watch the ball, but this requires more concentration then he feels the game is worth.

 I'm not sure what was going on here, but this looks like a fight in the making.

I'm sure all of my kids will grow to be wonderful piano players...if they feel like it.

The visits are always too short.  The boys just love getting spoiled by their grandparents.  For a few weeks after each visit I hear "Grandma would let me do it"  even though I know Grandma wouldn't. 

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