Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Tales of John

John loved trick or treating.  I think his favorite part about trick or treating was ringing the doorbell.  John would run from house to house trying to be the first one there to ring the doorbell.  He even skipped getting candy at a house in order to reach the next house first.  I'm sure next year will be about the candy.  While he didn't care how much candy he got, he did care about the quality.  At one house, after saying "trick or treat" he said, "Can I have the chocolate one?"  That's my boy.

The boys love eating downstairs in the playroom.  I don't allow food down there very often because we will inevitably get ants.  One night we had dinner down there and we were bringing all of the dishes upstairs when I heard my mom tell John to pick up the handful of french fries that had fallen on the floor and put them in the garbage can.  To this John replied, "My mouth is a garbage can."

John is having such a good time at school.  He is learning to raise his hand and wait his turn...such hard things to learn.  At his Halloween party his teacher was telling the kids what they would be eating for snack that day, like eyeballs (grapes), bones (pretzels), and cartilage (cheese).  After the food was passed out some of the kids weren't eating their grapes so the teacher reminded them all to eat their eyeballs.  John pretended to eat his actual eyeballs and then said, "Miss Joyce, Miss Joyce, I just can't see a thing now."  I'm sure his Kindergarten teacher will just love him.

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