Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Kids just love wagons.  Whether pulling each other or the various treasures they have found, a wagon always brings enjoyment for the boys and a little solitude for me...until they start to fight over who gets to pull or start knocking each other out.  My parents got us a wagon when Anders was born.  This is a wonderful thing to have at the zoo or any other outside activity.  The wagon came in a big box and had to be put together.  My dad had two little "helpers".  The wagon instructions should read 'Takes 15 minutes to assemble alone or 1 1/2 hours with two little helpers.

Here is one little helper.

 The boys were just playing in the wagon while my dad read the instructions.  They loved exploring the seats that go up and down and slide around.

 All done!
The boys also got new helmets for their bikes.  It is important to mention that the helmets were for the bikes and not the wagon.  But, the boys wanted to have all their new gear at once.  They made my parents take them to the park in the wagon with their helmets.  They probably looked like ultra helicopter grandparents.

On the way back home Gus fell asleep.  Doesn't his head look GIGANTIC?

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