Monday, December 27, 2010

The Adventures of August

Gus notices everything.  Most people think Gus is 2 years old and while that could be because he tells them he is 2, it is also just because he is a big kid and tries to do anything and everything his big brother does.  Sometimes Usually this works to my disadvantage as Gus watches John throw a fit, move chairs to get things on the counter or play with the remotes.  But Gus has watched several times as John has been put into his room for time out.  I never thought John being put in timeout would help me out with Gus.  Gus has started screaming--this high pitched, earsplitting scream.  I just can't stand when he screams.  Last week it just got to be too much for me and I decided that he needed to go to his room.  I walked him to his room and told him to stay until I told him to come out.  I didn't really expect him to stay.  I always had to put up a baby gate to keep John in his room.  But, to my surprise, he stayed put until I told him he could come out.

Gus has also become somewhat of a bully.  He will randomly walk into a room and hit John.  I'm sure this is all just payback for everything John has done to him.  John will usually hit back or scream.  One day I came out of the bathroom and saw Gus standing in his room screaming and crying.  I asked him what was wrong and he said "room, room"  while pointing at John.  I looked at John and he said, "Well, Gus hit me so I sent him to his room."  The amazing thing here is not that John sent Gus to his room, but the Gus actually listened!

Gus often gets into my closet and rifles through my shoes.  He's getting to be pretty good at walking around in my heels.

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