Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Tales of John

I can see why people think that kids don't hear the things that are going on around them.  But this is a wild misconception.  Just because you don't think they are listening doesn't mean they aren't hearing you...whether you want them to or not.  If we tell John not to do something I make him repeat it back to me.  He hates doing this because he knows I now have confirmation that he heard me.  We will sit there for 5 minutes going back and forth, "What did I say?"  "I don't know."  "Yes, you do, tell me what I said."  After a while he gives in and tells me.  There are lots of times I still feel that what I say doesn't sink in, but he always manages to prove me wrong.

A few weeks ago we had VBS at Mt. Calvary and John was so excited to have so many kids to play with.  A couple of the little boys were just as crazy as John, which John didn't find so amusing.  One of the little boys was making an annoying sound next to John while they were eating.  I'm pretty sure John told him to stop a couple of times before I heard,  "How many times do I have to tell you to stop?"  All of the adults just had to laugh.  I wonder how many times a day I have to say that to him.

Aside from being able to repeat what we constantly say to him; John is able to hear something just once and store it in his little brain until he needs it again.  While on vacation he watched 101 Dalmations.  After watching the movie once Hans asked him questions about the movie to which John knew all the answers.  Hans, trying to stump John asked him how many puppies were in 101 Dalmations and without hesitating John answered 99.  At the time, Hans and I didn't know how he could know this since we didn't think it said this in the movie.  After watching the movie again we found that it mentioned it once, just in passing in the middle of the movie.  I'm just surprised he was able to remember that.  I am also constantly amazed at the amount of times he can squeeze in the words fabulous, marvelous and confusion in a simple conversation.  For this we have Thomas the Tank Engine to thank, as we also have them to thank for the word stupid.

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