Monday, March 8, 2010

Texas Travels

So, about a week ago I drove the boys to Texas for a week.  Aside from a few crying fits, the boys actually did quite well in the car.  I find this reassuring since there is NO WAY we will ever be able to afford to buy plane tickets for everyone.  There is also NO WAY I will subject myself to airport time and plane time with these two boys by myself.

For the first half of our trip my grandparents were in town so the boys got to spend a lot of time with them.  John loved playing his Great Grandpa and had no shame in favoring one grandpa over the other.
 Great Grandpa spent a lot of time on the floor.
Rescuing Gus from the big mud puddle.  Gus didn't think he needed to be rescued.
A much needed nap.
Gus got to open his birthday gift from the Great Grandparents early.  He decided the best way to unwrap was with his teeth.
He loved his cars.
Out of the 300 pictures taken this was the best one.  We'll try again this summer.

The boys also had a great time playing with Uncle Mark.  John would run to the end of the hall, knock on Mark's door then run away.  This was a big game for most of the week, and Mark was able to scare John a few times, which John thought was hilarious.
 John smoked Uncle Mark in a game of Memory.  And John was trash talking the whole time.  Where did he learn that?

While we were in town we hit some of my favorite restaurants like Fresco's and Babe's.  I also indulged in a little Whataburger and Taco Bueno, two places I never thought about until I moved to a place they were no longer available.  

I also got to visit with a few friends, but find I never have enough time to see everyone.  For those of you I didn't get to this time...I'll be back.  Other than that, we pretty much stuck close to home, played and relaxed.  We had a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again this summer.
John's pants got slightly wet because he stepped in a mud puddle.  He can't wear wet pants and had to take them off...right there.
Playing soccer with Great Grandpa.
The Baconhead Club...very exclusive.

Hey Grandmas!!!  We need more pictures with you next time!!!


The Simpsons said...

Great was fun visiting with you and seeing your boys.

I am LOVING the new blog header!!! :)

Katie Fiene said...

Thanks! It was great seeing you and your family too. John is still talking about the park in your backyard :)

Marcia said...

I love the picture of John and his Great-Grandpa on the floor!