Monday, March 22, 2010


While we were in Texas a friend of mine invited John to take part in a preschool program she does called TOT. This is a great program that teaches children so much more than ball handling.  I was amazed at how well John watched and listened...and then tried to take charge.
Following directions.
Dribbling.  He needs a little help with this.

Team spirit!  GO TOTS!!!

I wish I could have made this picture a bit clearer.  This was the free dance portion of the afternoon.
They had so many seconds to dance and then the music stopped so they could freeze.  This is how John decided to freeze.

John's friend, Eli, just noticed that John's shirt had Thomas, James and Percy on it.  He wanted the shirt.  He looked at it like this for a LONG time.  Boys and their trains.

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