Friday, March 19, 2010

The Tales of John

I was asking John if he need to go to the bathroom because he seemed to be doing the potty dance.  He didn't answer me so I asked again a little louder.  He then told me, "Whoa, whoa, easy, easy, I already went potty.  I just need my pants snapped."  Keep in mind the hand was out and pointed to me as if he was telling me to stop.

Lately John's been saying "Don't worry..." and then completing the rest of the sentence.  Like, the other day when he said, "Don't worry Mommy, I won't hurt myself when I jump from this high step."  And, until he had told me not to worry, I hadn't even known he was trying to jump from the high step.

Whenever we tell John no, or whenever he has done something he shouldn't, he has been saying, "I'm sorry, but..."  So, the other day he took an object and scratched some lines into my dad's leather recliner....yep, that is my son.  I just about had a heart attack and he said, "I'm sorry, but I just want to draw a whale."  It is as if he thinks that if he explains why he should, needs or wants to do something, it suddenly becomes acceptable.  Thankfully, his whale drawing has rubbed out, and my mom didn't even get upset.  I'm pretty sure Mark or I would have gone into Kindergarten with bruised butts if we had done this.  I'm amazed how much crap a grandkid can get away with.

We've had to get onto John for saying "stupid."  The only time he ever said this word was when he went through his phase when he would ask us if we were stupid.  This phase was months ago, but our talks of not saying the word stupid must have paid off, because if he hears you say stupid now, he will tell you we don't say that word.  He will, however, tell you that Bulgy, a character on Thomas and Friends, says, "stupid nonsense."  I've never heard the word stupid used on the Thomas show, but it must have been.  Since John knows he isn't supposed to say the word he won't actually say Bulgy's line out loud, but will go to each person one by one and whisper what Bulgy said in your ear.

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