Sunday, September 27, 2015

Swimming Lessons

While in Texas the boys had swimming lessons with Mrs. Kirk again.  They were all very excited to swim with Mrs. Kirk again.

 Gus did very well.  He was nervous to swim without a floatie last time.  This year he took off like a pro.

 He even looks like he is having fun.  That is HUGE for this stoical kid.

 The last time we did swim lessons Gus wanted to jump off of the diving board but just couldn't bring himself to do it.  This year he asked to jump off on the first day.  You can tell he is still talking himself into it.

 But he did it.  He said it was AWESOME.

 Anders was practicing his swimming skills in Florida this summer before we went to Texas.

 He actually participated fully in his swimming lessons this year!!
Now he says he doesn't need to practice again until a couple of days before his lessons next year.  Such a punk.

 John also did very well this year.  He has come a long way and loves to be in the water so he loves to practice all of his new strokes.

 They worked on diving a bit this year.  There were lots of belly flops.

There were also lots of great dives.

I'm so glad the boys get to have lessons with Mrs. Kirk.  The boys love it and they learn a ton.
Thanks, Mrs. Kirk!

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