Friday, September 25, 2015

Texas Fun

After a long full week of VBS we loaded the kids in the car and headed down to Texas.  I don't enjoy the drive down to Texas, but I do LOVE going back home.  Hans and I usually have a list a mile long of places we want to go to eat.

Since we were getting a late start we decided to stop in Springfield, MO for the night.  For those of you who don't know, it is a little harder finding a hotel with a dog.  Especially a big dog.  It isn't like we can hide Fritz in a bag and carry him in.  So, we booked a hotel we thought would be okay...but we were so wrong.  They did indeed take pets, but this place was a dump.  We weren't staying there long so we were fine with the dumpiness, but we were roomed next to a drunk party girl and were up all night listening to her fight with someone on the phone.  NOT a good experience.  No more hotels for least not when we have Fritz.

But, we made it to Texas and packed the week with lots of fun.

 The boys played many, many, many games of Mousetrap.  This produced lots of laughter, tears, yelling, and fighting.

 Of course the boys went to Grandma's art room to paint.  Anders always finds something fun to play with there.

 We went to a fun pool party for the 4th of July.  One of the guys was throwing kids into the pool.  So of course John wanted to get in on the action.  This guy was easily throwing kids high into the air.  You could tell he had to brace himself when he came to my rock of a kid.  He is deceptively heavy, always has been.  So, John gave him a work out and had a great time doing it.

 Gus was not going to let anyone throw him anywhere.  He was content jumping into the pool himself.

 The boys decided they wanted to pack their suits to wear for church down in Texas.  They love dressing up.

 Anders makes it very hard to get a nice picture.  He has attitude.  Can you tell?

 Well, Hans looks nice....

 The boys seemed a little more willing to be "normal" for my picture with them.

 Again, we tried to get a picture of the boys with their Grandparents.

 Again, Anders was a ham.

 At least everyone seems to be having a good time.

The boys loved hanging out with Uncle Mark too.  Never a dull moment with these guys.

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