Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Festivities

Yes, I know it is way past Thanksgiving.  I'm behind.  Way behind.  But it is this or nothing at all.
We went down to Zionsville, IN for Thanksgiving this year.  River of Life has a Thanksgiving Eve service so Hans had no service obligations on Thanksgiving Day.  We woke up early that morning and made it to Zionsville in time to surprise his parents at their church service. The boys even picked out matching sweaters to wear.  They actually still like matching.

 We attempted a family picture with the matching boys.  If only they could have matching smiles...or at least all be smiling.

 Great Grandma Fiene was in town so we had to get a picture with her too.

 The table was set and we were all waiting for some delicious food.  I was just hoping Fritz wouldn't try to get under the table and break everything.

 We were excited to spend some time with Jake, Ashley, and our adorable niece, Finley.

 Finley definitely stole the show.  Grandma and Grandpa just couldn't put her down.

 Finley had just turned the big O-N-E a couple of days before Thanksgiving.

 I know the parents of an adorably cute child get lost in the crowd.  But we were super excited to see them too.

 Anders was willing to share his new toy...for about 5 minutes.  Then he picked up something else to distract Finley so he could take his toy back.

 Hans and I enjoyed some mimosas.

 Uncle Christian enjoyed spending time with his nephews.  We didn't think we were going to see this California boy, but he was able to fly in and surprise all of us at the last minute.  We loved seeing him.

See?  He is fun and crazy.

We all had a ton of fun and a Happy Thanksgiving.

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