Friday, February 6, 2015

Sophie's Basketball Game

We were able to go to several of Sophie's basketball games this past season.  I only brought my camera to one game and it was my old camera at that.  So many of the pictures were blurry.  I'll just blame my camera and not the photographer.  I'll be anxious to see if my new camera does a better job.

 I know this picture is very blurry.  But for whatever reason I like it.

 There is Sophie, #50, going in for a rebound.

 A quiet, still moment.  She is concentrating on her next move.

 And she is off!  Stealing the ball from the other team.  She goes on to make a basket.

There also happened to be a girl from church on Sophie's team.  Ashley is the one taking the foul shot.  She was in the game for all of 1 minute before getting fouled.

We had fun going to the games.  Ashley has a brother a year younger than John.  They all had a good time together sitting in the stands and eating popcorn.  We can't wait for next season.

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