Sunday, August 17, 2014

While I Was In Berlin...

Before leaving for Germany I drove the boys down to Texas to spend a couple of weeks with my parents.  They had all kinds of fun things planned.  I don't think our boys even noticed we were gone.

 The boys got to attend the last two days of VBS as my dad's church.  This was part of the closing program.  Gus looks absolutely thrilled.  This was just too much of a commitment, too soon for this kid. John looks like he's been there all week.  He had a great time performing and doing the actions for songs he had just learned.  If you need a kid to enthusiastically sell something I'll gladly lend him out. And Anders, I don't even see Anders.  That is probably because he was sitting next to the teacher.  Not always a good or reassuring sign when your kid is sitting next to the teacher.  At least not in Anders' case.

 The boys enjoyed fighting Grandpa with water guns.

 Seems that Grandpa was at a disadvantage.  I wonder who was hit the most.

This was only day one folks.  My parents had a lot more in store for the days ahead.

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