Tuesday, August 26, 2014

John is 8

On Friday John turned 8!
I can't believe this little guy is now 8!!!  Time has just flown bye.

Love these four kiddos.
 John had a little family party at home with Hans' homemade pizza.  That is all he wanted.

 He received numerous presents.  But I think his favorites were the two Lego sets.

I have to say I am loving the Legos.  My parents gave John a set a few days earlier and for 2 days I didn't hear any fighting or cross words from my boys.  They sat at the dining room table for a couple of hours after school for two days putting it all together.  They had just finished that set when Sophie gave John another set.  I had absolutely NO FIGHTING yesterday while they were putting that together. Go LEGOS!

 John wanted a Lego cake.  I attempted to make one without a mold.  I have lots of notes for myself if one of the other boys chooses a Lego cake in the future.

He's only been 8 for 3 days and he says they have been the best 3 days ever.

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