Saturday, December 28, 2013

Library Fun

While in Texas we had to visit the library.  We sure like libraries.  John wanted to know if his library card would work at Grandma's library.  He was, after all, in good standing.  All of his books were returned on time and he treated them well.  I explained his card wouldn't work, but Grandma and Grandpa could check out books for him.  The boys were also very excited that they were having Storyhour when we arrived.
 Two of them worked pretty hard on their crafts.

 Sadly I'm not much of a keeper so we all admired them until we made it out to the car.  Then they were stuff in the trunk only to make it out in a trash bag.

 Then it was time to pick out books.  The boys love to read!

I think they make a pretty cute advertisement for a library.

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