Monday, December 2, 2013

A Book Signing

A couple of weeks ago our little library had a big book signing.  Nick Offerman wrote a book and, since he is from Minooka, it only made sense that he would actually come for a visit.

 The gym started to fill up a hour before the event. 

Nick did a sound check about 20 minutes before the event was going to start.  It was funny to watch people race to their seats thinking the shindig was starting.  They didn't want to miss a thing.

 By the time the event was set to start there were only a few seats empty.

Nick's dad, Ric, started the whole thing with some very kind words and an introduction of Nick.  Mr. Offerman is kind and sweet.  I felt honored to be able to watch as his old students came up to talk to him and introduce their children to one of their favorite teachers.

In Ric's introduction he thanking his loving, kind, beautiful wife, Cathy for all of her love, work, and dedication to their family.  He even asked her to stand. 

 After Ric's introduction it was time to bring out Nick.

 He made the audience laugh and even himself from time to time.

 He read excerpts from his book...

 and sang a few songs.

After the presentation it was time to sign books.

There were a lot of books to sign.  Nick stayed until well after 11 PM making sure everyone's book was signed.

It was a fun event.  There are some real troopers out there who waited hours to have their book signed and say hi to Nick.  This trooper had kids at home, a babysitter to relieve, and be at work early the next morning so I left at 10:45.

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