Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Earlier in November Debbie and Pam took the three boys and Sophie to Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  I've told you before I'm spoiled, right?  The boys had a blast, but Hans and I also got to see a movie and run errands without the boys.  It was fantastic!  I will say that having your kids leave for an overnight stay somewhere without you gets a little easier with each kid.  And by a little I mean a lot.  I remember that my father in-law planned to take John on an overnight stay to Great Grandma Fiene's house right after Gus was born.  So not only was that John's first time to leave home, but I had also just given birth and my hormones were all out of whack.  I cried and cried and cried and then cried a little more.  Then it ended up that trip didn't happen.  Then I cried some more...because I was pretty emotional.  I tell you all this because I didn't even realize this was Anders first night away from me until they were already half way to Wisconsin.  Then I just said, "eh" and went on my merry way.

They stayed at the Blue Harbor Resort which looks totally awesome and now I want to go.
 They stayed in the KidAquarium Suite and the boys had bunk beds just like at home.

They didn't spent too much time in the room though.  They had to do some swimming.

 I love how John told me he did the lily pads all by himself.  I guess Sophie doesn't count.

 Even the boy who doesn't like to get his head wet had fun.

 See, doesn't this look cool?

 Gus decided to stop and watch the people get water dumped on their heads.

 Then he ran away when it was his turn.

 Anders loved exploring everything.

 And Gus seemed content with running from the water.

 Sophie and John, on the other hand, loved to have the buckets of water empty on their heads.

 Anders is always checking out the food.  You can't go too far from food with this kid.

 I'm thinking Sophie asked them if they wanted her to show them a trick.  They raised their hands in confirmation.

 Sophie's trick was to make tooting noises with her armpit.  She is now the coolest girl in the world.

John had to practice.

On the way home they stopped by the Jelly Belly warehouse for a tour.  The tour guide gave them all packages of jelly beans.
Who is feeling sorry for Debbie and Pam right about now?  I think it was a long ride home.

The boys had a blast and want to go back. They keep asking me when they have another couple of days off of school.

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