Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had a Thanksgiving Eve service at our church followed by their annual pie festival.  Pie festival?  Hans had no idea what this was but was game for anything including pie.  After church, we all sat, chatted and enjoyed various pies.

 Some of us enjoyed our pie more than others.
For as much as was on his face, hands and clothes, he actually got a good deal of pie in his mouth.

On Thanksgiving morning, we drove to Indianapolis and had a great meal with family.

 Despite what has been said about the thing on Hans' forehead, I assure you it is not a hickey.  That would be very, very weird.  Hans bumped his head on the bathroom faucet while brushing his teeth.  He is still working on his depth perception.

On Friday we had a relaxing day in Zionsville.
 We all went to the park to play a little basketball and throw the frisbee for Fritz.

 Grandma showed her strength as she hoisted John up for a basket.  That kid is A LOT heavier than he looks.

 Anders just enjoyed walking around.  He loves his new found freedom with walking.

 Hans was showing the boys how it's done.

Look at the wrist.  That is some great follow through.  I remember my grandpa teaching us how to shoot baskets in our backyard.  He drilled us on our follow through (in a loving grandpa sort of way).

Solveig got a new chair for her front porch just Anders' size.  Now he wants to sit by himself in every chair he sees.  What a big boy.

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