Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Places in 9 Hours with 3 Boys

Debbie and Pam took all three boys ALL DAY!  Not only did they have all three rugrats from 9-6, they worked their magic and were able to keep the three boys, and themselves, pretty happy.  AND, not only did everyone live through the experience, Debbie and Pam took the two oldest boys on an overnight trip to Chicago this past weekend.  These ladies deserve sainthood.

Their fun filled day with the three boys included going to the zoo to decorate a Christmas tree, a trip to Bass Pro Shop for lunch and a visit with Santa, and going to watch a basketball game in which Sophie's team won.  Just writing that sentence made me tired!

The boys really had a good time at Bass Pro Shop and came home with ornaments and other crafts that were all free.  I heard the food isn't too bad either.  If you haven't been there, John says you have to check it out.

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