Thursday, December 8, 2011

Douglas the Tree

I love living up north, especially when it comes to Christmas trees.  We were never able to have live Christmas trees in our home because my dad and I were allergic to them.  And a pastor can't be sick and lose his voice during the Christmas season.  When Hans and I got married and moved to Indiana, we got a live tree for our first Christmas together.  We actually cut down our own tree.  For the first time in my life I actually didn't get sick.  I think it is the mold that grows on the trees when they are being shipped down to Texas that causes my allergies.

Last year we were "living" in a hotel for Christmas so getting a tree wasn't an option.  The boys actually opened their presents underneath the tree in the hotel lobby.  This year we decided to start the tradition of cutting down our own tree.  So we packed up the family and drove a whole 8.13 miles to the nearest tree farm.  I knew we were going to get a tree and yet I forgot the camera.  Where is my head?  At least I remembered to bring the kids.  I did have my phone so I was able to capture a few pictures.

We walked around the muddy, muddy farm on the lookout for the perfect tree to bring home.  I knew I wanted a Douglas Fir since they have softer needles and don't shed as much.  The first tree Hans and I ever bought was a Spruce and it was absolutely beautiful.  It also shed virtually all of its needles by the time we took it down.  I don't really feel like stepping on pine needles for the next few weeks.

We finally found the area with Douglas Firs and, low and behold, we found a beauty.  John must have heard us asking where the Douglas Firs were, so when Hans asked him what the tree's name should be, John quickly replied, "Douglas".  It is not a Christmas tree.  It is Douglas.  John tells everyone he sees about Douglas and asks if they want to come over to see him.  I'm kind of afraid I will emotionally scar the boy when he sees Douglas sitting on the curb come January 1.

  We just found Douglas and are waiting for Hans to find a saw to cut him down.  Gus is not at all impressed.

 Let the cutting begin! 

 Cutting the tree is "man's work" apparently.  I have no problem with this, but this man decided to wear his nice pea-coat (or 'pea-standing-up-coat', as he likes to call it) and then lay on the muddy ground.

So Douglas is now in our home.  He fills the house with the wonderful aroma of pine and is adorned with 500 lights and what seems like 50,000 ornaments.  Douglas also serves as a fun new toy for Fritz and Anders.  I don't think I've ever felt sorrier for a tree.

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