Monday, December 19, 2011

The New Name

I put way too much time into naming and renaming this blog.  This is exactly why I made the web address and not the actual title of my blog.  I figured fienefamily would always ring true.  So I think the blog started out as "John and Kate Plus Hans", then morphed into "Two Men and a Katie", "Two Men, a Katie and a baby", and then I start to lose track.  Most recently it was "My Three Sons. And Hans." which I never really liked.  I contemplated for a long time naming the blog "Y Me?" but figured that most people wouldn't realize the Y was for the Y chromosome and not just that I was lazy when typing out the title.  As much as I like the fact that I can change the title, I really wanted to come up with something that would last a good long while.  It was in a recent blog post that I joked about how successful and independent I was until I married Hans.  This got me to thinking.  I wouldn't have all this stuff to blog about if it wasn't for Hans.  I'm not sure if I would have ever felt I had a reason to blog if it wasn't for my family.  So I figured the best name I could come up with is "And then I married Hans".  So there it is.  My new blog title.  Hopefully this will stick around for awhile.  Now if only I could stop my itchy fingers from changing the background all the time.

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