Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Tales of John

I've been horrible about writing down all the funny things John says.  Actually I was doing pretty well, but I lost the piece of paper I was using to write down all of these funny things so I just gave up.  Here is what I remember.

We didn't unpack a lot of stuff in our rental because we knew we wouldn't be there for long.  I did manage to accumulate a few new thing while we were there and I tried to tuck some of these things safely in the boys closet.  I should have known that "safely" and "boys closet" are not to be used in the same sentence.  One morning while I was packing up, I heard a cracking sound and went running to their room.  John met me at the door with a framed picture of Mickey.  "Look what happened."  The glass was cracked.
I asked him what happened and he said, "I don't know, I heard this crack and decided to look in my closet.  I was very surprised at the situation."  Now, I'm not saying that he is the one that cracked the glass but I'm positive he wasn't as surprised as he said he was.

I would love to hear John's thought process.  I know some of the things he gets from us, like when he says, "for Pete's sake", but other times I'm just not sure how he comes up with it.  I called Hans 'daddy' and then John said, "Why did you call him daddy?  Now I have to call him Hans."  He also came up to Hans the other night and said, "Daddy, I have a confession to make."  I'm sure his Kindergarten teacher will find him funny...some of the time.

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