Thursday, June 23, 2011


I had the privilege of going to New York for my cousin Ericka's confirmation.  We only live about 8-9 hours away.  This may seem like a long way to go with three kids by myself.  But, as John said, "Wow,  it was only one long day and then we are here.  When we see Grandma it is two long days."  The boys actually do very well in the car.  They also know at the end of a long trip they are rewarded by seeing their loved ones.

I packed the kids up on Friday morning and made it to Fredonia, NY by dinner.  We had a very relaxing Saturday and then got to see even more family on Sunday.  The service was great and Ericka did a wonderful job with her statement of faith.  Gus and Anders decided to pick this week to start acting out in church so I spent the service going back and forth between the nursery and the sanctuary.  I wish I could say it was just because we were in a new place and it was a one time deal...but I can't.  Those two have decided to keep up their shenanigans.  Gus is learning it isn't fun to get pulled out of church.  But that is another story.

After the service we went back to the house and had a wonderful lunch.  Have you ever had beef on weck?  It is the best.  It is wonderful roast beef warmed in au jus sauce then put on a special roll topped with salt and caraway seeds.  Then you get to dip your whole sandwich in the sauce.  Heavenly.  Sadly, we can't get the rolls or the sauce here so we just get plain old roast beef.  My Aunt Diane, always the thoughtful one, sent me home with beef, sauce and rolls.  We enjoyed beef on weck for the next few days.

In normal Katie fashion, I forgot my camera.  Seriously.  I was kicking myself.  Along with it being a special weekend for Ericka, this was also the first time my other aunts and uncles saw Anders.  I'm just glad we are all going back in a few weeks.  I'll be sure to snap lots of pictures then.  However, that thoughtful Aunt Diane of mine sent me some of the pictures she took.

 The confirmand

Brother and sister.  They didn't want to stand too close to each other.  I think they are going through that 'I love you but I don't like you' phase.  Mark and I went through that phase for a couple of years.  It passes.

 Anders just loves his Great Grandma.  I'm thinking John just got in trouble and he is thinking about what he did.   I don't remember there being an incident, but that is his 'crap, I'm in trouble' face.

Me and my boys.

Gus had a lot of fun wearing Jimmy's hats.

 Uncle Tim and Jimmy got the tractor out so John and Gus could go for a ride.  It was then I noticed that they had a New Holland and not a John Deere.  I asked John if he was a New Holland boy or a John Deere boy and he said, "John Deere!"  I told him be better say New Holland or Uncle Tim was going to kick him out of the house.  I then asked John if Jimmy was a New Holland boy or a John Deere boy and he said, "he's a homeboy."

Anders didn't care about the tractor.  He just wanted to eat.  He never misses a meal.  Or a snack.  Ever.

Gus did not like the loud noise and kept his distance.  He did not want to ride the tractor and would not go anywhere near it.  Maybe next year.

 John loved the tractor.  He even took Gus' turn.

Gus and Uncle Tim...what a cute picture.

We all had a great time and can't wait to return to New York this summer.  It was good seeing my aunts and uncles.  The boys enjoy spending time with their cousins.  Thank you for hosting us, Aunt Diane and Uncle Tim.  Congratulations Ericka.

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