Friday, June 17, 2011

The Morton Arboretum

The day we moved into our new house, Debbie and Pam took the boys to the Morton Arboretum.  I was very thankful that I didn't have to worry about John and Gus trying to "help".  Debbie and Pam had them all day.  From 8-5.  Seriously.  The boys had a blast.  It didn't hurt that Debbie and Pam brought Sophie.  The boys love Sophie.  John wants to do everything Sophie does.  I'm sure this gets on her nerves, but she is a good sport about it all.

Debbie gave me lots of pictures from the day.  They are all so cute, but I can't post them all.  Here are few from the day.


 This was a maze.  John liked running ahead...good thing you can still see him.

 There were even arts and crafts.  I think the arboretum is a little crazy for putting out glue bottles and not glue sticks.  I wonder how much glue they go through in a day.

John loved being able to climb on everything.

Gus wasn't too sure about the rope bridge.

 As much as this kid likes to scale the cabinets he likes stability.

Getting a helping hand from Sophie.  I love how he isn't even looking in the telescope.

The boys sure slept well that night.  They can't wait to go back.  Debbie and Pam have left for the summer and the boys miss them already.  John is going to be very concerned about who is going to teach Sunday School now.

Thank you Debbie and Pam for taking the boys.  I didn't have to worry about them during the move and they had a wonderful time.

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