Monday, February 7, 2011

Texas Time

So we were in Texas for a week before moving to Illinois and the boys had a lot fun demolishing my parent's house.  They also had fun snuggling with Grandma.

 I bet anything they are watching Thomas.

 I'm not sure how Gus can be just in his diaper in the wintertime.

 Those are pinch-able cheeks.

 He starting smiling more while we were there.  Now he smiles all the time.

 We went to Mark's shop to get a family photo and I tried taking a picture of these three.  None of the boys were cooperating.

 Where is Anders?  Well, Uncle Mark seems to have his hands full with Gus.  But, he also didn't want to hold Anders since, just minutes before this, Anders had a blow out diaper.  Mark isn't ready for poop just yet.

 I can't believe everyone is actually looking up and in relatively the same direction.


Heather said...

Makayla was looking at this post with me. When she saw the "pinchable cheeks" picture of Anders she said, "Awww....I want him." She loves her some babies! :)

Linda said...

I love how many pictures you have of Gus in just his diaper!
And, the pictures of the boys and your mom are priceless!