Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Tales of John

John loves learning and using new words.  I'm not even sure where he learns all of these words because I'm not sure I actually use these words on a normal basis.  Watch out if you are around John because he has dog ears and can hear everything.  His latest words have been cute, like telling me we needed to take our car to the "washdown" because it was filthy.  I know he gets the word washdown from Thomas the Train.  Remember we watch a lot of that in our house.  We aren't even staying in a house of our own right now and John has managed to watch a fair amount of Thomas here.  Another saying he got from Thomas was 'It appears to be...'.  John woke up the other morning, looked outside and said "It appears to be snowing".  He just sounds so old using words like these.  However, his favorite thing to tell me lately is that I'm being irrational.  Irrational? Really?  When Hans asked him what irrational meant he said "it means you're acting crazy.".  My questions now are simple. 1. Where did he learn what irrational meant? 2. Why am I always the one acting crazy?  Our next step is to teach my dear son that it isn't appropriate to tell his mother she is being irrational, even if it is true.

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