Friday, February 18, 2011

The Tales of John

John is going to be my little evangelist.  The other night we were eating out...I feel like this is how I have started every story for about a month now.  I can't wait to get a house and not have to eat out.  Back on point, we were eating out and our waitress was talking to John about all kinds of different things.  Some how the conversation steered to Hans being a pastor.  Hans was talking about how we just moved into town and I could tell he was beginning to bring the conversation around to church when John interrupted, "Do you go to church?"  "Yes" said the waitress.  "Where?" asked John.  After she told him the name of the church he said, "How come you don't come to our church?  You should really come to our church."  This left us explaining to John that other churches do exist.  He gave us a look like, 'yeah, I know, but that doesn't matter'.  We obviously won't teach our children that our church is the only church.  But, I'm happy that he loves church enough to want people to go with him.  I think he will serve on the evangelism board someday.  How can you say no to this kid?  Well, how can anyone aside from his parents say no?

On a side note,  River of Life started up Sunday school a couple of weeks ago and John LOVES it.  He is constantly talking about what he learned in Sunday school and what he will learn (like he knows).  He loves his teachers and is truly excited for Sunday mornings.  I love that he is so excited.

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