Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pregnancy update and house stuff

Today I had a ultrasound done to see how big the baby is and because of some scheduling issues I had to go to the hospital for this particular sonogram. Needless to say the doctor did not get the report in time for my appointment so I don't know much. The ultrasound tech told me the baby is measuring about 6lbs 90z, but my doctor says that the radiologist will take other measurements into account before determining a size. Needless to say I don't think he will induce any earlier than the 23rd because the baby doesn't show to be big enough to justify taking him or her now. The thought of this depresses me since I'm not sleeping well and in lots of pain, but I guess I can make it 2 1/2 more weeks. On the bright side the baby has dropped as far as he/she will go so it is quite possible I will go into labor on my own early...I'm hoping for this!

I will not be posting anymore preggo pictures because I find myself utterly unattractive at this point, so the next time you will see my face in a pic will be after the baby is born, I'll try to remember to wear make-up for all of you.

On to house stuff. We moved into this house in July and have managed to paint every room since we've been here. We've also done a lot of work outside and virtually gutted the bathroom. I find this all to be crazy since we don't own the house and never will. However, we've made it home for now. I also think it is funny that I'm going to get this house just the way I like it and then we will move, we are hoping to buy a house within the next year.

This is the kids' room

Here is a close-up of the wall. My mom free handed all of this and I supervised.

This is the before picture of the laundry portion of the basement...

and here is the after pic. As you can see I still have to finish painting the cabinets.

These are the back stairs before...

and after.

The biggest change by far was the bathroom. It took us a while to complete but we actually only lived with the pink tiles for a week before we just took it all down and lived with the studs for awhile.

Doesn't this look much better?


The Simpsons said...

Your house looks great!! My thoughts and prayers are with you during your last few weeks of pregnancy. I can't wait to see lots of pictures of your newest addition.....and lots of stories of how John is coping! lol!


Katie's Mom said...

You were one week early, and this baby already weighs 1 oz. more at 36 wks than you did at 39!