Monday, February 16, 2009

John's "Artwork"

I'll start on a positive note...My grandparents came to see us this weekend. We had a lot of fun and John was very entertaining. Hans and I had a chance to look at and subsequently purchase a bigger vehicle on Saturday and they were a lifesaver since they stayed at home and watched John for the several hours while we were gone. I'm sure both of them have had enough Wiggles and Thomas the Train to last them until their next visit.
Oh- and I don't know why the pictures are fuzzy, all I can say is Hans- I need a new camera!

John can't seem to help himself when he gets a piece of chalk. Thankfully it is just chalk and washes off easily, but he seems to draw with it everywhere. He has had to throw away several pieces of chalk. The funny thing is that as soon as he sees that I see the mess he goes directly to the trash can and throws it away himself. Since he has not stopped drawing on things I decided to make him clean up his mess. I'm not as cool of a mom as I told my mom I would be several years ago.

This is our bathroom floor, but he also hit all the walls and my dresser.

He scrubbed until it was all gone...seriously.

On another note, my crazy kid has been wanting to go potty in the potty for several weeks now but has never managed to go. Yesterday morning he was sitting on his little potty and Hans left the bathroom for just a second and upon his return John told him he went potty and there looked to be stuff in the potty. After closer examination (the things you go through when you have kids!) Hans found that John had emptied one of his water squirting bath toys into the toilet and did not actually go. He did, however, actually go later that day. Hans and I never thought we could be so excited to have a kid pee.


connie&adam+1 said...

Ha ha! Good move on making him clean up. You'll be glad to have lost the cool factor when the other one comes! :) It's still pretty cute, though.

The Witherspoon Family said...

Oh, he's so precious! How can you stay mad at that face? You're a very good mommy to make him clean it up, though. And congrats on him actually going potty in the potty! That's huge.