Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fun with Cousins

Just a week after we went to Zionsville, we went again!  This time Andrina flew in with her kiddos so we had all 7 grandchildren there.

 Michael's birthday was earlier in the month so Solveig decided to throw a little party for him.

 There was a lot of noise and chaos and Michael decided he wanted his mom to be next to him.

 He is really into Thomas right now, so I decided to make him some train cupcakes.

 John made pizza and we all enjoyed an afternoon of crazy, loud children and good food.

 These two have always loved each other, but this  year they really started to play together.  Machara was telling Gus what to do and Gus was following directions!

 Then we decided to take a picture of the 7 grandkids.  And, if you can count, you can see I'm missing two.

 And then I got all 7 kids....and a dog.

And. Well.  This is as good as it got.
These kids don't have time for pictures.  They just wanted to play.

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