Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Some Fun in Indy

On Memorial Day weekend we took a little drive down to Zionsville.  The boys had a ton of fun playing with "baby Finley".  I keep telling them that Finley is no longer a baby, but she is the youngest Fiene, and therefore is the baby.  Sorry Finley.  I tried.

 She was having a good time playing with the Legos.  I'm sure she will be a Master Builder by next week.

 John was introduced to the bags game.  He had a ton of fun and tried to be very strategic about his moves.

 Gus enjoyed playing the game as well.

 This kept these four boys occupied for quite awhile.

 Anders preferred going through all of the toys Grandma has stored to find a gun of sorts.

And you know it's time to go home when one of the kids starts puking.  John, John, and Hans were enjoying a little basketball game when poor Anders started throwing up.  I'm guessing it was just allergies, because this kiddo was just fine.  Either way, it was a fun couple of days.

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