Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Gus has been playing soccer this spring.  He has wanted to play for about a year.  Grandma and Grandpa Fiene came down to watch one of his games.

 Gus' ball is the one with green on it.  He likes to set it there and back way up and run in to kick it.  

 Now if only the ball could be that unguarded during the game.

 At one point early on in the game Gus had the ball and had a good lead on everyone.  But look at those feet, can you tell what is coming next?

 Yep.  He wasn't happy, but it gets worse...

 Poor Gus.  This happens a lot in this game.

 After the little tumble, Gus wanted to take it easy.  As long as the action was on the other end of the field, this is what Gus was doing.  Just like his dad right there.

Anders was getting a little restless so Grandpa took him on an adventure around the park.

 But when the ball was in his area he played very well.  I was impressed.

Just a few minutes after this picture one of the kids kicked the ball really hard and the ball hit Gus right in the face.  It was loud.  It had to hurt.  So he was removed from the game to take a break.  After he spent some time on the bench the coach asked him to play again.

 Gus willingly went back in the game, but he sat there like this for a few minutes.
Gus and his lip.

 After the game the boys each got to take a ride in Grandpa's Grandma's new car.

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