Thursday, June 18, 2015

Declan's Baptism

A little over two months ago one of my good friends had a sweet baby boy named Declan.  My boys were very excited to meet Declan.  About a week after Stephanie gave birth she invited us over for dinner.  I know, I already told her she was nuts!!!

 Look at this cutie.  He looks exactly like his older brother.

 All three of the boys were begging to hold him.  And Stephanie is super trusting because she actually let all three of them hold her 1 week old baby.

 I promise you Gus was excited to hold him.

 Declan's oldest brother, Logan, is Gus' best friend.  

A couple of weeks after Declan was born he was baptized.

 And sweet little Declan actually shares a baptismal birthday with his dad.

 It was simply a wonderful day.
Look at this handsome family.
 Colton makes this picture the best one of the bunch.

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