Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sophie's Track Meet

Every time I drive by the track field with the boys in tow they will all scream out "Sophie's track meet!!!"  I'm sure they will still be screaming that when they go by for many years.

We all enjoy going to Sophie's meets.  The boys love cheering for her.  I love hearing people talk about her in the stands.  "Boy, that girl is fast."  "Do you see how she is smoking everyone?"  "She is lightning fast."  I get a kick out of the things people say.

 Sophie doesn't like me taking pictures of her.  I think I embarrass her.  So I have to take them from afar and hope she doesn't see me.

 There she is getting set in her blocks.

 Sophie has been training with a guy on Saturdays to make her transition from the blocks smoother and faster.  He has been telling her to do these arm exercises every day to train her arms using muscle memory.  I'm learning quite a bit about running techniques.

 Sophie does a couple of different events.  This is the 4x1.  She runs the last leg.

 Look at that determination.

 There is no one else around.

She may not always finish first, but that doesn't matter to her.  She is constantly competing with herself.  She is constantly working on her time.  She is a hard worker and very dedicated.  I love watching her run.

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