Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paper Mache Turtle

John had a book report where he was suppose to make a mobile.  John decided to take it a step further and make his mobile a paper mache turtle.  I blame Anders' teacher for this.  She made paper mache dinosaur eggs with Anders' class.  John though the egg was so cool he wanted to do a paper mache project.

 I decided to wait to start the project until my mom came in town.  Paper mache is more my mom's expertise.  I'm not sure it would have looked like a turtle with my help.

 We had this thing sitting on our table for weeks.  It took several layers before John felt it was secure enough.

 Then he got to painting.

 He was very specific about what he wanted.

 He had to have 10 facts hanging from the turtle.  He wanted those to be smaller turtles.  He picked the pictures and the size.

 Then he typed each fact.  This kid learned a little about Microsoft Publisher because I'm not a cool mom and I don't do his projects for him.

The little turtles hung from the big turtle with yarn that looked like seaweed.
He really did a great job and went above and beyond.  I stressed to John's teacher that, while this may be the norm for John, the other two Fienes will probably NOT follow in his footsteps.  Actually, I can kind of see them asking to recycle the project.

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