Saturday, May 24, 2014


We had a house full of people this year for Easter.  We had a few of Hans' cousins and their kiddos here for a few days.  The house was full of cute kids.  All of whom had to get used to our horse of a dog.  It made for a very exciting weekend.
 Our new church building was not ready for services yet.  After services in the old building we had our fellowship hour and egg hunt in the new space.  If I can't get my 3 kids to stand for a pic there is no way I was getting a whole group of kids.  Somehow I missed the other half of kids.

 The kid enjoyed hunting for eggs on the playground.  One of the boys (not one of mine) would not put an egg in his bag if it was dirty.  He would just pick it up, inspect it, and then drop it back on the ground if it was dirty.  It was very cute.

 This is Gus' best friend, Logan.  Gus has been talking about Logan all year and we just started getting together with his family right before Easter.  What a small world this is because Logan's family are also Lutherans and had been looking for a church!

 Leah and Andrew and their two cuties.

 Lisa and Christian with their 4 cuties. Kristine, their oldest daughter, loved Fritz.  She welcomed him following her around the house and LOVED telling him what to do.

 We didn't even attempt to get a nice picture.
One of Hans' other cousins, who is a pastor in Iowa, came to our place later that day with his family.

 Beautiful Sophie!  I just love this girl.

The boys love her too.
I have to brag about this girl for a second.  She is one of only three 6th graders to make it to state for track this year.  She is fast!  I wish I could be there to see her run, but Anders is there cheering her on.

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