Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It All Started with the Vanity

I painted the guest bathroom vanity a light grey.
  I did this for two reasons...
1.  I wanted to see how the lighter paint would hold up to boys kicking and scaling them.
2.  The bathroom is so small I thought the lighter color would make it seem bigger.

 When I finished the vanity I HATED it because it looked horrible next to the paint color of the bathroom.  The bathroom I just painted 2 years ago.  
So the only thing I could do is re-do the bathroom...again.


 Anders and I had fun going to places like HomeGoods to find things like this rack.

 I got cute glass knobs for the vanity. 

And, a new light fixture and new mirror do wonders for the space.

All in all I think the project was worth doing.  I just wasn't expecting to do it.  I should probably tackle the 400 other projects that are on my list.

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