Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3 Boys in a Tiny Room

All three boys had been begging for quite awhile to share a room.  Poor little Anders was feeling a bit left out.  In an effort to include Anders, and to give John more space, we had switched up the rooms and had Gus and Anders sharing and John by himself.  That didn't cut it. The bedrooms in our house are tiny so I was going to wait to move them all together until we finished off the bedroom in our walk-out basement.  But the boys didn't want to wait that long.  So we headed to Ikea to see what we could find.

We managed to fit all three boys in this small room.  They love it.  Every once in awhile when they are being rowdy I'll threaten to move them all back the way they were.  That gets them to settle down pretty quickly.  Someday I know they will all want their own space.  For now I will enjoy the fact that they love being together...at least when they are sleeping.

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