Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun with Family

It was so nice to have a large portion of my family together.  Most of the family in New York hadn't seen my brother in 5 years.  Everyone enjoyed talking, playing and relaxing.

 This is Hans' idea of a fantastic vacation.

 The boys convinced Grandpa to explore the field behind the house.  Later that day we saw a bear come from this field.  Thankfully we were all inside at the time.

 The boys had a great time reading to Great Grandpa.

 This is my uncle Mark with Gus.  My parents really didn't think about the confusion it would cause their grandchildren when they named my brother Mark.  To help the boys we referred to my Uncle Mark as Uncle Whitey.

 Anders is always up for some one on one attention.

 Anders likes to tickle.

 Poor Jimmy didn't get tickled.  He got tackled and kicked.

When Gus saw this picture later he said he wanted to be strong like Jimmy someday.

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