Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Things We Do With Grandparents

Aside from building a playset and taking a picnic to the park and flying a kite, my mom finds all kinds of fun things to do with the boys.

 Painting is always on the list.

 We save all of our painting for Grandma.  I don't really like to pick up the mess.

 The boys get worn out and thus need is always good.

 Bubbles!  I'm pretty sure those boys would go through that whole yellow jug of bubbles in one sitting if I let them.

 Dress up in the most unusual way.  Girl shoes and a Darth Vader mask.  Gotta love it.

 They get ridiculously dirty and eat all of their favorite foods.

They love on each other...although I don't think Anders is feeling the love.

And they get their picture taken a billion times.  The boys sure love having grandparents come to visit.

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Marcia said...

Next time, we'll include Anders. He was (conveniently) napping this time.