Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Festival

One weekend in September, Hans packed up all of the boys and took them to Zionsville to visit his parents.  I had to work for part of the weekend so I was unable to join them.  But it was glorious to have the house all to myself.  I had grand ideas of cleaning and going to bed early.  Too bad I couldn't get to sleep until about 2 am and then had the dog wake me up promptly at 6.  Oh well.  Hopefully I'm given the opportunity to try that again.

The boys had a lot of fun.
Can you tell?

It was the weekend of the fall festival in Zionsville.  Hans has many wonderful memories of the festival and was excited to take the boys.  I even entrusted my camera to Hans to document the occasion...too bad he couldn't find his keys and therefore could not use the camera that was secure in the locked car.  But I guess that is why they made these cool things called phones that have cameras on them.

 I believe this was also the last weekend that Christain was going to be living in town.  He moved to San Francisco a few days after this.

 Waiting for the parade to start.

 I wasn't there, but I'm almost positive this ended with someone crying.

After the parade there were lots of rides to ride and candy to consume.  I am told that the "greatest dad in the world" allowed them to eat a lot more candy than the "mean ol' mom" would have.  That's okay, I didn't have to be in the car with them for the 3 hour trip home.

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