Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Zoo Trip

Debbie and Pam are at it again.  Well, to be honest, they never stopped.  They decided to take the boys to the zoo so Hans and I could celebrate our anniversary ON our anniversary.  Which is the first time that has happened since we were married.  Seriously.  We've been out in celebration for our anniversary before, just not on the actual day.  Not even for our first.  On our 6th anniversary we went to A Day Out with Thomas.  Now that is my idea of a good time.  I digress...

After church Debbie and Pam packed up the kiddos and took them to the zoo.

 Riding the tram.

 John had to ride in a different car.  I'm am always told by John that everyone else who ever takes them anywhere do things a "whole lot funner" than we do.  My response is always, "Well that's because they love you more than we do."  This makes John mad because he knows I'm being sarcastic and he does not appreciate it.  I wonder how he feels about his dad's cartoon thingys.

 I've been to the zoo several times and, for the life of me, I have not idea where this picture was taken. 

After all of this fun activity, they met Glenn, whom Anders calls "Len," to eat.  John requested they go to R Place for a dinner honoring his birthday.  And since Glenn, Debbie and Pam love him more than we do, they gladly obliged.

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