Friday, May 13, 2011

Egg Hunt

My Grandparents, Aunt Diane and her kids, Jimmy and Ericka, came for a visit.  On Palm Sunday, after church, we had an Egg Hunt.  My Aunt Diane is always prepared with fun things to do.  The eggs were filled with little pieces of paper that told them what the prize was like bubbles, play dough, chalk and bouncy balls.  The boys had a blast.

Listening to the instructions.  John had to find the blue eggs and Gus had to find the yellow eggs.

 It took Gus a few minutes to get the hang of it.  He still doesn't get that you need to collect all the eggs and then check them out.  He wants to see what is inside right then and there.

 Anders loved all of the attention he got from everyone, especially Ericka.

 John knew how this egg thing went and ran around the whole yard searching for his blue eggs.

The eggs are all collected and the boys are claiming their prizes.  Even though it was cold we stayed outside for a bit to let the boys play...all of the boys.  Hans and Jimmy were having a pretty serious game of HORSE with our little basketball goal.  Jimmy won.

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