Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Train Exhibit

We can't be in the vicinity of a train exhibit and not actually go to the train exhibit.  Anders' godmother Kathy told me about the exhibit benefiting the Ronald McDonald house at the Northpark Mall so we all took a trip to Dallas to see what it was all about.  While we were walking through the mall trying to find the trains we saw some school choirs and bands performing various Christmas carols.  The boys had a great time walking through the mall and of course looking at trains.

 This is how we go places these days.

 They actually had some Thomas trains in the exhibit so John was very excited.

 Kathy gave John a lift to see the carnival trains.

 The exhibit was full of miniature replications of various places in the U.S.

 After the trains we had ice cream.  We thought if we gave Gus a cool little spoon he wouldn't eat the bottom of the cone first.

We had John all hyped up to see Santa and then we found out that this particular Santa had a 6 hour waiting list.  Hans felt pretty bad so we decided to buy the boys their favorite Disney characters...Donald and Mickey.  Now Gus does not leave the house without Mickey.

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ABCEKegg said...

Yes, the North Park Santa is quite popular! He's been there for years. Katie W. sat on his lap when she was little. :)